Just a few notes

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After the recent check-up at the end of a very heavy rainy season in Yunnan, our technical team has returned to Beijing with the following notes for participants:

  • Prologue Time Trial on 3 November for long distance participants: all participants will very soon be invited to select their preferred time slot for the TT. While we cannot provide guarantees, at least all of you will get a starting time close to your preference. From the event hotel (Mangshi Jiudian) it is only 5 km to the start location of the TT. Remember: special TT bikes and triathlon handlebars are not allowed. Neither are they useful on this TT course....  Please also note that -similar to professional cyling-  those who score the fastest times during the afternoon will be asked to sit in the "hot seat" at the finish until their times get broken or they are declared winners of the TT stage. 
  • Stage 1 - the Border Ride: due to bridge repair works, we need to use an alternative road towards Ruili. This new road actually provides better road surface, but also cuts away the first climb. We have no choice as the repair works are unlikely to be finished by November. The implications are two-fold: it will be an easier and faster stage, although the 6 km long climb at km 63 remains. Second, it will be 2 km longer for both long distance and short distance at 105 km and 42 km. Please also note that the event and other hotels are located 4 to 6 km from the finish area, which is also start/finish of stage 2 the next day. 
  • Stage 2 - Rock 'n Ruili: affected by heavy rainfall, a few roads have become unusable for a road bike. While the previous day's stage has been extended by 2 km, this stage has been reduced from 150 to 148 km. On the other hand, the short distance is extended from 21 to 23 km. 
  • Rider presentations: as of The Border Ride (Stage 1 in Mangshi) the top 50 men and top 25 women of the general classification will be required to sign in during the official rider presentation, conducted by MC Jason and Renaat Schotte (Sporza, Belgium),  which will take place next to the opening ceremony starting 1 hour before the start of the race. During this signing-in process, relevant riders will be given a rubber bracelet that serves as their entry pass to the first starting block. Without bracelet, our staff will not allow you to enter the first starting block. 
  • This is granfondo cycling,  which means the emphasis is on individual challenge and self-reliance. While we will offer mechanical service at starting places and halfway-through long distance stages, please remember to bring your own emergency tools - in particular spare inner tubes and a small air pump in case you suffer a flat tyre. Always remember that we seek the most beautiful roads, but those are not highways. Local authorities will always clean the roads a few hours before you will pass through, but rely on yourself and not on others should be your thinking. Similarly, ensure your brakes and braking cables are fine as there's quite a few fast descents during this week of cycling. 
  • Lijiang: we re-emphasize our recommendation to stay in Lijiang on Saturday night and return to your homes on Sunday. The Lijiang stage has a late starting time and the stage - despite being only 102 km - should not be underestimated. Most of you will finish at Maoniuping in the late afternoon, which means the time window for cleaning & packing up and making it to airport and/or bus or train station is very small. Just take it easy, stay an extra night, have a beer, have some great local food and relax to celebrate your achievements of the week! 
Kris Van de Velde