A 6-stage cycling festival in southwestern china

2-9 november 2019

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ABOUT granfondo yunnan

This is a 6-stage mass participation cycling event in Southwest Chin, spanning two weekends from 2 to 9 November 2019.  This year marks the sixth edition of the event, and once again features one brand new destinations and stage, along with modifications to some of the others. Granfondo Yunnan is a unique cycling event in China, entirely dedicated to the well-trained amateur and hobby cyclists and offers them a genuine challenge in a gorgeous setting full of cultural, culinary and unimaginable experiences.  Le grand depart is set in Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture, located near the border with Myanmar in the province's southwestern areas. During the week participants will be riding and/or racing to the border with Myanmar in Ruili, before checking out Yingjiang and heading to Tengchong, Dali and Lijiang. Check out our stages section for all details on the six stages that make up this year's Granfondo Yunnan. 


nordic ways 

Nordic Ways introduced the granfondo cycling concept in China under the Granfondo China banner back in 2012 with the Granfondo Yanbian in Jilin Province. Since then, the multi-day Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Festival has become one of the company's flagship events, returning every year in the first half of november. The Beijing-based sports event management company has been putting on a wide range of sports events for 20 years since 1998. It has extensive experience with road bike events, illustrated also by the many successful editions of the Great Wall Bike Festival in Beijing and the Vatternrundan China brand events in northern China.


HISTORY of granfondo yunnan

The inaugural edition of the Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Festival, perhaps better known abbreviated as Granfondo Yunnan, took place in November 2014. It was major step forward in the development of non-professional cycling in China, with five stages in five different cities and an event spread out over two consecutive weekends. GF Yunnan offered amateur riders and young talents the opportunity to race for multiple days and get a taste of what the Tour de France is like. For most participants, however, GF Yunnan is an individual challenge. Completing the often long courses within the given cut-off time and obtain a certificate in gold, silver or bronze at the end, along with the honour and the satisfaction of having tested one-selves on the bike. The event has grown rapidly to well over 1500 riders, of which maximum 1000 can do the whole long distance tour. In 2018, the event entered new territory, as the previous stages in Kunming, Yuxi and Chuxiong are replaced by new cities Mangshi, Ruili and Tengchong. In 2019, Yingjiang is new to the programme as well.



"The most beautiful cycling I have ever done" — Several Lijiang participants in 2017

"It's bizarre to be racing with so many nationalities in China, but it's so awesome we all speak the same cycling language" — Spike Huisman (NED)

"Yunnan is an idyllic province and the granfondo very diverse, and therefore a complete  experience" — Olivia Ghisoni (ITA)

"Fantastic organisation with closed roads makes for extremely pleasant riding. And after the races, there's many little bars around also" — Michael Naert (BEL)




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