Select your preferred Prologue TT time slot


As you know, this year's full tour competition begins with a prologue individual time trial in Mangshi. Each one of you will be assigned a starting time for this TT, which you must stick to without exception. The time interval between two riders will be 30 seconds only. Each rider will be required to check-in at the start venue at least 20 minutes before his/her assigned starting time.

Now, Nordic Ways would like to offer you a chance to select your preferred time frame for your TT race. Please visit the online registration system:

Then click “Check My Registration”, input your passport number to log-in, and choose your preferred time slot for the prologue TT. Please note that the race director will respect your choice, but minor deviations may occur for some people in order to respect specific race regulations of a time trial. At all times, check your official starting time in the week before the race date.

The official start list for the prologue will be made available on Monday, 29 October.

While you are at it, please also select your desired sizing for the free event jersey and finisher hoodie. Note that these gifts are only for full tour participants. There is some urgency here, please select your sizing before the weekend.

GFY Hoodie.001.jpeg
GFY jersey.001.jpeg

Kris Van de Veldemangshi, tt