2018 Full tour registrations sold out!

GF Yunnan Itinerary 2018.001.jpeg

The 5th edition of our premier cycling event has immediately attracted almost 1000 registrants in just 3 days of online registration. This assault on our systems has caused a temporary halt of the registration process - at least for the full tour entries.

This year the Granfondo Yunnan enters new territory with stages in Mangshi, Ruili and Tengchong, alongside the meanwhile traditional stages in Dali and Lijiang. Obviously this has persuaded a lot of new riders to join the colourful challenge that is Granfondo Yunnan!

The full tour long distance option is currently totally sold out and we are opening a waiting list in case a spot becomes available. However, in any case  it is still possible to register for single stages again as of Monday next week.

There will be 700 people doing the full tour long distance, which is the maximum we can allow for logistical reasons. This is an increase of nearly 200 compared to last year. Also the number of single stage registrants is up, meaning on every stage we will have more than 1000 riders on the road this year.

One important implication of the higher registrant number is that the starting time of the Prologue Time Trial in Mangshi is envisaged to be moved forward to 11:30 a.m. In a few weeks, the provisional start list will be published taking into account the arrival times in Mangshi of the riders. All those people who arrive in the city on Friday will start earlier, those who fly or ride in on Saturday morning will be given a starting time for the TT on Saturday afternoon.

We encourage everyone to join our WeChat (WeiXin) and facebook groups for the quickest updates and announcements. Our brand new website will be revealed in the coming week as well, as background documentation for the event.

Kris Van de Velde