Mangshi Prologue TT: Check your start time!

Dehong TT.JPG

The Prologue Time Trial in Mangshi opens the 2018 Granfondo Yunnan Festival this year with a fantastic 8.2 km rush to the hilltop monastery. The first rider will commence his time trial at 11:30 a.m. The last rider will be Myagmarsuren Basaankhuu, aka Miga, at 17:43:30. Miga is of course the winner of the last three editions of our event.

All of the nearly 720 starters on the long distance full tour can now check your starting time for the time trial here:

Prologue TT Mangshi - Start list

Please remember our rules for the time trial and read the overall event regulations before you start our event.

1) No drafting. It is not allowed to follow in the slipstream of another rider.

2) Must start on time: we adopt a zero tolerance policy for those who arrive late for their time trial for whatever reason. If you are not there on your assigned starting time, we give you a time penalty of 2 hours for the overall ranking of the Granfondo Yunnan, which affects age group ranking as well of course, and you will no longer be eligible for the Gold Certificate of this year’s event.

3) No TT bikes, no ‘triathlon’ handlebars. They won’t help you anyway on this TT course.

4) After your TT, you can return to your hotel by yourself. However, you will go down the hill as others go up during their time trial. Do not obstruct any rider and keep your eyes open and speed down as you descend the hill.

Kris Van de Velde