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What? In the spirit of the world’s biggest cycling races, GF Yunnan starts off with a Prologue Time Trial to a breathtaking Buddhist temple complex

Where? Start: Kong que hu (lake). Finish: Silver Pagoda

When? First rider starts at 8:30, followed by the rest in 30 second intervals. 

How? Each rider’s mandatory starting time will be communicated in the week before the event. No changes possible on race day. 

Red flag: 1) No TT bikes or handlebars allowed. 2) Each rider must check-in 20 minutes before scheduled starting time, or will be classified as DNS, which also means a 2 hour time penalty for General Classification

Bottom line: Fast but twisty at first, 1.6 km uphill to nirvana finish



course map

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  • Only for full tour long distance particopants

  • Mangshi is a relatively mordern city with a domestic airport.

  • Event Hotel: Mangshi Jiu Dian. Recommended.

  • Other hotels: [LINK]


First starter at 8:30 a.m. The list of participants will be made public in due course, including each rider's personal and unchangeable starting time. Participants will get the opportunity to select a time slot themselves in September. 


As of Friday, 1 November in Mangshi Jiudian (event hotel in Mangshi1

As of Friday, 1 November in Mangshi Jiudian (event hotel in Mangshi1

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