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What? The first mass start stage serves as a good appetizer with a manageable course of 105 km. 

Where? Start at Mangshi Guangchang, finish at Ruili jie gao guo men, in front of the Myanmar border gate 

When? The start is at 8:30 a.m. The short distance starts at 8:45 a.m. . 

How? The central square is easy to reach from all hotels in Mangshi. You need to check out from your hotel before and follow the instructions from our logistics team,  as obviously we are riding to another city

Red flag: 1) Make sure your brakes work or you’ll ride straight into Myanmar. 2) Ruili has limited western food options. Prepare yourself in advance if needed. 

Bottom line: Flat and some false flats charaterise the first kilometres as you warm up the legs.  There’s a hillclimb after km 20, but it’s the 6 km long climb after km 62 that will test your legs and stamina for the first time. The gradients are consistent and not so steep. The descent is non-technical, yet control your speed and don’t take chances. This is China. 



course map

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  • Short Distance: 40 km

  • Opening Ceremony at 8:00 a.m.

  • Event Hotel: Mangshi Hotel / Jing Cheng Earthsea SPA

  • Other hotels: [LINK]

  • Tip: if you like beer, do try the Myanmar Beer, which can be found in most convenience stores.

  • There’s duty-free shopping options at the finish, bring passport

  • There's shower facilities available in Ruili near the finish. Highly recommended given we have a bus ride to do in the afternoon

  • Keep the bus timetable in mind. We do not stay in Ruili, we bus to Yingjiang (approx 3 hours)


  • 08:00 Opening Ceremony at Mangshi’s main square

  • 08:30 Start long distance group

  • 08:45 Start short distance group

  • 14:00 CUT - Finish in Ruili closes

* Cut-off times along the route are TBC


Relive Stage 1 - KINOMAP: The Border Ride 2018

Video captured on board of the Specialized Tarmac of Nicolas Raybaud (France)