Granfondo Yunnan

Tuesday, Apr 23rd

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Cycling challenge for all

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Great endurance

Granfondo means long distance or great endurance in Italian. Today, it is the universal term for a long-distance and mass participation cycling event, which has become tremendously popular all over the world. A granfondo is timed and as such has a competitive element, but the emphasis is on challenge, and more precisely each participant's personal challenge to complete the distance.

So, for the majority of participants, granfondo is not about pure racing. Some people will ride and sprint to be first at the finish line, but most others will enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and ride the bike at their own pace. Reaching the finish after 150km (or more) is their goal. Maybe in under six hours, maybe under seven....or maybe under five hours. Everyone has a personal objective that he or she will cherish and be happy to achieve. Cycling for all!

It makes granfondo events a perfect tool to promote a healthy lifestyle among the people.

Granfondo a worldwide success

The first major granfondo or cyclosportive events were organised in France and Italy. Nowadays, in Europe, hundreds of granfondo cycling challenges take place during spring-summer-autumn in many countries. Only in Italy, there are more than 220 events every season, sometimes more than 10 in one weekend! The same accounts for Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden (e.g. Vaetternrundan), Denmark and since a few years also Great Britain. The Granfondo community has also expanded into Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa (Cape Argus tour has 90 000 participants!) and the USA (events in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Philadelphia, Miami, etc).

Nordic Ways: expertise and experience

Nordic Ways is happy to now also promote the granfondo concept in China via Granfondo China. The Beijing-based sports event management company has extensive experience organising road bike events in the Middle Kingdom, and previously already introduced long-distance cycling via the Vaetternrundan China events over the past few years. In 2012 Nordic Ways also organised and promoted the first ever official granfondo in China in Jilin province: Granfondo Yanbian, after the name of the Korean Autonomous Prefecture bordering North Korea.