Granfondo Yunnan

Tuesday, Apr 23rd

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Dali, Nov 9

Cruising around the exquisite Erhai Lake

*Short distance is 43 km and long distance is 115km

*Dali is a tourism hotspot with a domestic airport.

*Dali is home of the Bai ethnic minority people

*Dali has an Old Town worth visiting, but bear in mind the race and event hotel is 30-minutes taxi ride away in the modern new town.


What -  After last year’s excursion to Heqing due to road works, a return to the lake loop. On paper the fastest and easiest stage.

Where -  Start and finish at the olympic stadium

When - Race start at 8:30 a.m.

How -  The olympic stadium is on the southern lake side in the new town(Xichang).

Red flag:

1) Easy and fast, everyone can win, but unsporting behaviour will be punished severely.

2) Keep an eye out for sudden narrowing of the road, which can always occur in this stage.

Bottom line: Little elevation gain in this great lake ride make it ideal for loosing up the legs after the Gaoligong marathon and the upcoming Lijiang mountain assault tomorrow. Few technical bits in Dali, but stay vigilant at all times. If you’re not aiming for a podium finish, you may wish to take it easy and don’t desperately try to hang on with the front group. If you are aiming for a podium, please note that all standard UCI rules apply in the event of a sprint finish. Stay in your own line, no sudden deviations in direction, no pushing or pulling.