Granfondo Yunnan

Saturday, Apr 20th

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Nov 7, Tengchong

The challenge of the week and yet you’ll want more

Short distance is 33 km and lond distance is 185 km

* Tengchong is an up-andcoming city with a domestic airport.

* The place has a significant role in 20th century Chinese history.

* As in Ruili, be aware of limited western food options in Tengchong.

* There’s a bar street with a cooperative bar not far from Guanfang Hotel and race start venue.

What - The most beautiful and challenging stage of the week for many people with a 185 km

course: how many times can you do that in China? As cherry-onthe pie, there is the cobblestone climb, The Wall of Tian Tai, at km 62

Where - Start & Finish at Wenzhi Square

When - Start at 7:45 a.m. Short distance 8:15 a.m.

How - Start & Finish is in front of the event hotel at the Wenzhi square.

Red flag:

1) Checkpoints everywhere, so don’t even think about short- cutting.

2) A long stage, check the status of your tyres beforehand.

Bottom line: This stage provides a real granfondo experience with cycling on smaller countryside roads and fantastic backdrops of the Gaoligong mountain range for the first half. The roads, generally on good surface, twist and turn continuously, and go up-and-down, sometimes steeply so. At km 62, there is a Flemish-style climb of 1.2 km, the Wall of Tian Tai, on cobblestones. The stones are not like Roubaix, but still. More than any other stage, this one requires effort- management. The first 80 km are the toughest, and you do want to conserve energy for the last 100 km…. The scenery is so breathtaking you won’t want to stop, though!