Granfondo Yunnan

Thursday, Mar 21st

Last update12:46:13 PM GMT

Important: Race Check-in& Logistic Tips of Granfondo

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Dear participants,

Welcome to 2017 Colorful Yunnan International Granfondo Cycling Festival. This is a very important info about race check-in and the logistic service, please read it carefully. Race office of Kunming Stage is openning today! We are looking forward to seeing you in Kunming and next four cities!

Location and Service Time of Race Office for 5 stages:


(1)All 5 stages participants only need to check-in in Kunming race office.

(2) All 5 stages participants will get an event jersey in Kunming. When you finish the five stages, you will also get an event riding vest at the awards of Lijiang.

(3) 1-4 stages participants will get one event T-shirt in race office.

(4) The participants who sign up for the 2-4 stages only are required to check-in once, it is to check-in in race office of thefirst stage you participate and get the race bag. There's no need to check-in later. For example, if you sign up for three stages in Kunming, Yuxi and Chuxiong, you only need to check-in in Kunming.

(5)Materials to sign in: your passport and valid Chinese visa page.

Any further info please feel free to contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


How to get to Kunming race office?

How to arrive at Kunming Xiyuejinxi International Hotel, the event hotel of Kunming?

Start from Kunming airport

Public transport: take Line4 at the airport and transfer to Line 1 at Shijijinyuan Hotel, then get off from Exit D at Chunrong Street. Walk 750 meters and you can arrive there.

Taxi: about 40km, cost110-130 RMB.

From Kunming Railway Station

Public transport: take Line1 and get off from Exit D at Chunrong Street, walk 750 meters and you can arrive there.

Taxi: about 30km, cost 65-80RMB.


Logistic service of all 5 stages participants during the event ,please check here

After the race in Kunming, how to arrange transportation between cities for participants who sign up for 2-4 stages in package B ?

Participants who sign up for 2-4 stages in package B will get ticket in race office, you can take the bus with ticket at event hotel.

How to return to Yuxi city and Dali after race?