Granfondo Yunnan

Thursday, Mar 21st

Last update12:46:13 PM GMT

New Dali course, new Yuxi start venue

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As previously announced a few months ago, major road repairs on the northeast side of Erhai Lake are currently on-going. The race director and technical team examined the site this week and came to the conclusion that it is impossible to plan the Dali stage to go around the lake in just three weeks from now. The alternative course to Heqing is therefore being activated.

This year's Granfondo Yunnan will of course go to Dali, a major tourist drawcard in the province, after the completion of the Chuxiong stage. All participants can therefore continue to look forward to visiting this beautiful place. In fact, many participants will discover that the new course might even be more scenic than the original tour around the lake. The main difference, though, is that the new course contains a mountain climb and is by no means flat. The long distance measures 120 km and reaches an altitude of 2650m about 45 km before the finish in Heqing.

While some participants might be disappointed that Dali is no longer a flat stage, please note that the Yuxi stage on day 2 has also undergone necessary modifications for the same reason as in Dali. The main and only feasible road connecting Yuxi City with the huge Fuxian Lake lies open and cannot be used this year neither. As a result, the Yuxi start venue changes to Chengjiang Town, only 12 km from the finish location, and the long distance is reduced to 105 km - one tour around the Fuxian Lake - with much less elevation gain than before, favouring those riders who previously saw their chance for a high-placing in Dali.

We apologise for the inconvenience these last-minute course changes may cause to some people, but they are force majeure and we all must deal with it. One big advantage that will be appreciated by nearly everybody for sure is that the bus transit times between stages will be shortened significantly with these two course changes. Chengjiang Town is closer to Kunming than Yuxi City, and Heqing... is only 40 km away from Lijiang, final city on the tour. If you have juice left in your legs after finishing Dali, you could continue follow the road all the way to Lijiang as cooling down...  It speaks for itself that we will now stay two nights in Lijiang instead of two in Dali. The additional rest on Friday will be welcome, because the last stage in Lijiang is a true mountain stage.

The new course maps will be uploaded in the next days. Please also take note of the cut-off times for each stage.

For short distance riders, the Dali stage measures now 47 km and the Yuxi stage is the same as the long distance group, 105 km or 1 tour around the lake. For short-distance riders, day 2 is definitely your challenge of the week, but it will be rewarded by fantastic scenery and ample cut-off time.