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Thursday, Mar 21st

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Interview With Zhang Yingying

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Zhang Yingying, a big fan of cycling, is a famous female cyclist. Born in Zhejiang province, she moved to Kunming after 2015 Granfondo Yunnan, the first time she raced in this event. Now she runs a bicycle shop, sells flower cakes at the same time. She is enthusiastic about life.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Zhang Yingying, in cycling circles people call me Shennv, which means goddess. I love flowers and sports, especially cycling. Now I live in Kunming and run a cycling theme flower shop.

2. When did you get into cycling?

In summer, 2013.

3. Before you got into cycling, you were an office lady. What do you think of the change that happened to you?

Once I was confused and struggled. What should I insist on in my life? Finally, compared with the bustle and noise in the city, I prefer to stay in freedom and quiet. I have always been an amateur cyclist. While, I love to challenge myself in the races as I was born to be persistent. In fact, I’m proud of myself no matter what the future will be.

4. Of your choice, what do your family and friends think? Do they support you?

At the beginning, they were against me of course. The first time I got into cycling, I fell into it. All my family, friends and colleagues thought that I was crazy because they couldn’t understand that. Years later, they are getting into cycling as well, especially my parents. My mom, has suffered occupational diseases and was overweight. Last year, she began to ride bicycle and lost 7.5 kg. Now she is in good health. That’s my greatest achievement. Many male cyclists cannot catch up with her.

5. In the past 3 years, what has cycling brought to you?

Cycling brought me fruitful harvests. Through different races, I travelled around China, from south to north and made many friends. Now I still join 1-2 races every month. Most importantly, I found my career and love. By cycling, I met my boyfriend, a professional cyclist. Because of him, I moved to Kunming. Now, I run a cycling theme flower shop. At the weekends, I arrange some cycling activities with cyclists in the club. That’s the life I want to have.

6. Among the races you have joined, which race impressed you the most?

Granfondo Yunnan, of course! In 2015, I raced in Granfondo Yunnan for the first time. I registered all 5 stages, long distance group. Fuxian Lake in Yuxi stage left a deep impression on me. Over 170km track and the hard slope, I was so tired I even cried.

7. You have participated in Granfondo Yunnan for 2 years and won the 6th place GC in 2015 and 9th place GC last year. Are you satisfied with that? What’s your weakness in the race you think?

Very satisfied. In 2015, I had not yet moved to Kunming and not fit to the high alitude environment. As I lived in Shanghai before, there’s few slopes so that I made no climbing training. In Granfondo Yunnan, the long and hard slopes troubled me heavily.

8. Do you have your own training plan?

Recently, I have devoted myself in my career so that I have no regular training. In my spare time, I follow provincial cycling teams. They ride 160km in every training session, while I ride 80km. At a long slope, I’ll fall behind and then ride back home alone. Though not regular, I train 2-3 times every week. For me, race means challenging myself. I enjoy every race and don’t care too much about the result.

9. Besides cycling, what do you enjoy doing?

I love flowers so much and would like to read books and write some essays. I’m learning English as well. Just being a talented woman.

10. Do you have any plan in 2017 Granfondo Yunnan?

It’ll be the 3rd time for me to join in Granfondo Yunnan. This year, I may choose the short distance group instead of long distance. I plan to ride the race with my parents and friends in the club, sharing the pleasure with them. The pleasure in the cycling is more important than the results. What’s more, hope the OC can add the prizes for short distance group, to encourage more cyclists in the race.