Granfondo Yunnan

Sunday, Jun 24th

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Granfondo event regulations

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Standard competition regulations (road bike)

  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory for each participant. No helmet, no start!
  • Participants are personally responsible to ensure their bike and equipment are fit for the task. Participants are free to choose their type of bicycle, but a road race bike is heavily recommended.
  • Triathlon handlebars are NOT allowed for safety reasons, except in the case of an individual time trial
  • New 2017: in line with developments in the road cycling industry, disc brakes are as of now allowed
  • Only leg power is allowed. Any kind of automatic or mechanical aids are not allowed . The Organisation Committee (OC) reserves the right to check bikes before the start of each stage. Footpeg, locks, etc. shall all be removed before the start of the event.
  • There will be a minimum speed requirement and thus time limits for the long distance courses. These limits should not be a problem for road bikers, but can be challenging for people riding MTBs, city bikes or folding bikes. Please be aware because we must stop you at the final drinking station if you are slower than the announced time limit for the day.
  • Except official event and media cars, no cars are allowed to follow the participants during the granfondo for security reasons.
  • Each participant must carry with him at least 1 500ml bottle of water or energy drink
  • Participants must obey all orders and indications of the race director and/or his assistant, and any official volunteers along the race courses.
  • Fair play is the order of the day: riders who are seen conducting unsporting behaviour towards others will be penalised and/or disqualified from the event by the OC
  • Even though the granfondo course is expected to be kept traffic free by local authorities, expect the unexpected and follow standard traffic regulations by keeping to the right side of the road and stopping for red traffic lights.
  • Participants must follow the course as marked by the Organising Committee (OC). Intermediate checkpoints with electronic time measurements are put at random places along the course and must be passed. No passage at a checkpoint or any other kind of shortcutting will result in disqualification from the day's competition. Participants going off the official course will be self-responsible for any risk or injury occurring during this time.
  • Every granfondo stage will have separate starting blocks that must be adhered to. Participants who start in the wrong block will receive a time penalty of five minutes. Each participant’s starting block will be clearly communicated before the start of the stage.  The first block will typically have the granfondo long distance participants on regular road race bikes. Other bike types follow in a second block, and third block.
  • Nordic Ways and/or the local organization committee is authorized to shorten race distances or cancel the event due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances that jeopardize the security of the event or its participants.
  • Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines. By taking the official start of an event, the participant acknowledges and accepts the event regulations.  If anything is unclear, please address your question to a Nordic Ways staff or to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Additional regulations for GF Yunnan

  • Altitude sickness and sunburn. In Yunnan riders will climb to very high altitudes. People should take protect themselves from sunburn, as well as refrain from heroism should any respiratory difficulties or headaches occur.
  • In Yunnan, there will be a general classification based on the accumulated times of each rider in the five long distance stages. Winner of the classification and the Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Tour is the rider who needed the least amount of time to cover the five stages. After each stage, the leader in the general classification (men/women) will be required to wear the yellow leader's jersey that will be handed to him/her during the podium ceremonies.
  • In addition to the general classification, there will also be age group rankings and ceremonies for the long distance riders in the  +40 and +50 age groups.
  • At the 2017 Yunnan Granfondo Tour there will also be team classification for long distance only. The team competition will result in a daily and a general team classification based on time. Teams must consist of minimum five riders, regardless of gender, and cannot be changed after the start of the first stage in Kunming. In order to obtain a ranking in the daily and general team classification, minimum 3 riders of the team must reach the finish within the time limit of each stage. The finishing times of the three fastest riders of each team are added up to produce the team's finishing time. After each stage of the Yunnan Granfondo Tour, the best team will be called to the podium ceremony to receive a prize. After the final stage in Lijiang, the best three teams in the general team classification will similarly be called to the final podium ceremony.
  • In each stage, the long distance participants can also score bonus seconds for the general classification (GC) in the intermediate sprint or sprints of that stage. The first three riders who arrive at these sprints will get 20-12-6 seconds bonification for the GC (= not for the stage result). The location of the sprints will be determined in due course.