Granfondo Yunnan

Tuesday, Apr 23rd

Last update12:46:13 PM GMT


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2017 Granfondo Yunnan reports & rider's share

Destination cyclosport vélo : Le Yunnan Granfondo China by Nicolas Raybaud (French)

others  on the way...


2016 Granfondo Yunnan reports & rider's share

Video collection:

Offical video:The long distance, the great insistence | 2016 Yunnan Granfondo by

Participant interview video: the riders of 2016 Yunnan Granfond by

Video:Kunming stage by UP studio

Video:Yuxi stage by UP studio

Video:Chuxiong stage by UP studio

VIdeo: Dali stage by UP studio

Video:Lijiang stage by UP studio

Graphic reports & Video|530KM, the beautiful Yunnan Granfondo by

Kunming stage:Chinese Jiazhichao destroys the field in Kunming by

Jiazhichao:Solo win in Kunming stage by

Yuxi stage:Magnificent Mongolian fights back in Yuxi! by

Mongolian won the top 3 by (CHN)

Chuxiong stage:Riding with the Olympic champion together in the fog by

Chuxiong:Mongolian woman tries to take the championship军 by

Dali stage:Unexpected Pujinxue fights the Erhai stage by

The hardcoreMTB biker accidentally won the champion by

Lijiang stage:Dreams come true in the Jade Dragon snow mountain by

Lovely Lijiang stage, see you next year by

Journey to the West / Granfondo Yunnan 2016 edited by Francois (Eng)

2016 Granfondo Yunnan, Gzcyclist coming again! by Dakong(CHN)

2015 Granfondo Yunnan reports & rider's share

The overall offical event report and video by

1.Kunming stage graphic report by

Kunming stage graphic report(many photos) by

Kunming stage graphic report by

Kunming stage video by Youpaiguangxian

2.Yuxi stage graphic report by

Yuxi stage graphic report(many photos) by

Yuxi stage video by

Yuxi stage graphic report by

Yuxi stage video by Youpaiguangxian

3.Chuxiong stage graphic report by

Chuxiong stage graphic report(many photos) by

Chuxiong stage video by

Chuxiong stage graphic report by

Chuxiong stage video by Youpaiguangxian

4.Dali stage graphic report by

Dali stage graphic report(many photos) by

Dali stage video by

Dali stage graphic report by

Dali stage video by Youpaiguangxian

5.Lijiang stage graphic report by

Lijiang stage graphic report(many photos) by

Lijiang stage video by

Lijiang stage graphic report by

Lijiang stage video by Youpaiguangxian

6.Great insistence--2015 Granfondo Yunnan Cycling Festival by Xiaoming(CHN)

7.Moved all the way, a worthwhile trip by Shennv(CHN)

8.Riding in colourful Yunnan by Dakong(CHN)


2014 Granfondo Yunnan reports & blogs

1.Colourful Riding in Yunnan (photo epics includes video) by Biketo  (CHN)

2.Granfondo Yunnan-Kunming stage report by Biketo (CHN)

3.Granfondo Yunnan - Yuxi stage report by Biketo (CHN)

4.Granfondo Yunnan - Chuxiong stage report by Biketo (CHN)

5.Granfondo Yunnan - Dali stage report by Biketo (CHN)

6.Granfondo Yunnan - Lijiang stage report by Biketo (CHN)

7.Yunnan Gran Fondo: Racing Through China's Stunning Southwest by Bike by Daniel Carruthers (ENG)

8. My travel on Granfondo Yunnan by Laojieda (CHN)


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