Granfondo Yunnan

Saturday, Apr 20th

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Emergency Service & Insurance

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Emergency Service

1. Emergency cell phone number: 18610030360

The emergency cell phone will be printed on the number bib, if there is an emergency, please make a call.

2. Working time: From Start of the Race to the end of the stage’s Time Limit

3. As this is a long distance race over a large area, the organizing committee strongly advises the participants to take a mobile phones along and some cash in case of emergency.

4. When you need to call the emergency hotline, please tell us the following information: your bib number, location (the nearest guidepost) and state of injury. The organizing committee will arrange an ambulance and/or vehicles as soon as we receive your call, and give your information to the drivers of the ambulance or vehicles. Please be brief and to the point when you call the emergency hotline, other people may also be in need.

5. Please be aware that we must stop you at the final drinking station if you are slower than the announced time limit for the day. If you refuse to stop, Nordic Ways shall take no responsibility hereafter.

6. Only officially registered participants (on the start list) can use the emergency service. Regarding other non-registered participants, the organizing committee has the right to refuse.

7. The organizing committee will not provide bike service during the event. Please come prepared.



1.Please be aware of the risks related to endurance sports, as well as the high altitudes in Shangri-La particulary. You must attend the event out of your own free will. Participants are required to be in proper and healthy condition and have signed a statement saying so. Nordic Ways declines all liability if health problems are experienced during the event.

2.Nordic Ways will purchase insurances for the registered cyclists(age between 18 to 60), based on the information you provided. Hence, participants are required to fill in the necessary information in a correct fashion. Otherwise, they are personally responsible for any risk or injury occurred during the event.

Type of Insurance

Accident Insurance(including accidental death or injury & disability);

Coverage: 500,000RMB

Accidental Medical Treatment Insurance,Coveragr:50,000RMB

Note: the insurance only covers accidents that happened during the race.

3. Instruction of Insurance

When accident occurred, please tell the doctors first that the participants have commercial insurance, and make sure all the medical treatment fee invoices will be issued under your PASSPORT NAME, otherwise the cost cannot be reimbursed by insurance company. Participants who obtain injury or any other health hazard during the event shall follow the official insurance procedure. Participants will pay the medical treatment fee in advance; Nordic Ways will not be responsible for advance payments. When accident happens, please report to hotline: 400-678-8169 within 48 hours.

4.If the participants need to transfer to another hospital, then an Emergency Diagnosis Certificate with the official seal of the local hospital and a Transfer Statement are needed. After that, participants could just follow the procedure for reimbursement.

5.If the participants need the accident certificate, please send your request to us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it