Granfondo Yunnan

Saturday, Apr 20th

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Lijiang, Nov 10

Reach for the sky and your Golden Certificate at 3300m

*Short distance finishes after 37 km before the long descent. The long distance is 102 km.

*Only do long distance if you know how to negotiate a series of switchbacks in a long descent. Check your brake pads and cables before the race

*Lijiang is a big city with a famous ethnic minority old town centre. It has a domestic airport.

*There is a Starbucks, McDonalds etc right at the starting line.

What -  The big finale with two climbs and a 1km vertical loss descent. The final climb to the finish at Maoniuping has an elevation gain of 1500 hm.

Where -  Start at Old Town, finish at Maoniuping

When -  Start at 9:30 am. Short distance at 9:45 a.m.

How - The Old Town main entrance is easy to reach. After the finish, busses will take everyone back to the city. It is NOT permitted to cycle down the Maoniuping mountain!

Red flag:

1) If you feel dizzy, stop cycling. No point in challenging the high-altitude for your own health’s sake.

2) Cut-off times will be rigourously applied. If you fail to meet the CUT, stop cycling and follow instructions by our staff. It is NOT allowed to continue outside the CUT under local authority's orders. Come back stronger next year :-)!

Bottom line: Easy beginning to warm up for a large chunk of climbing. After the first summit, there’s a very long descent that is not too technical but fast in parts. Stay focused! At the end of the descent there is a checkpoint following which the road goes up relentlessly for 1500 m of elevation gain to the dramatic finish location of Maoniuping.