Granfondo Yunnan

Saturday, Apr 20th

Last update12:46:13 PM GMT

Sponsors of Granfondo China

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Take the opportunity to become a Granfondo China event partner!

Nordic Ways International gives all companies the opportunity to become an event partner with all the promotional benefits and exposure this brings with it. Promote your brand, your products and your values through unique sports events.

Nordic Ways has developed sponsorship packages that give companies the opportunity to partner with all Nordic Ways events - the whole year round - all across China - promoting your brand and getting maximum value out of your budget!

In China, the amateur and recreational cycling community has been growing rapidly in the last number of years. Especially among young Chinese white-collar workers, who are interested in an active and healthy lifestyle, in travelling and personal challenges. Moreover, China hosts a large number of foreign expat riders. Recreational cyclists are modestly upscale and spend significant amounts of money on equipment and events. Special competition bike sales are increasing non-stop, and many big foreign companies are now coming to explore the Chinese market. In addition, the Chinese media and the sports authorities have been giving increasingly more attention to cycling in China. Best example is the new UCI World Tour event, the Tour of Beijing.

Nordic Ways also has tailor made partnership and team-building opportunities for those interested in a particular event, or a particular aspect of an event. Feel free to contact our dedicated Nordic Ways' sales and marketing staff for for all questions you might have!

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  • FAX: +86(10) 8580 2091
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Offical Sposnor - Nongfu Spring

Offical Sposnor - SHUNFENG EXPRESS

Offical sposnor- Mintuchuxing

2015-2018 Event offical cycling jersey sposnor- Lambda

Event Offical helmet sposnor- Ranking

Event official sponsor -- CRAFT

Event official sponsor - NAQI

Event official sponsor - VEDETT