Granfondo Yunnan

Saturday, Apr 20th

Last update12:46:13 PM GMT


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Prologue Time Trial

The TT in a nutshell:

What?A novelty in this year’s 5th edition of Granfondo Yunnan, in the spirit of the world’s biggest cycling races.

Where? Start: Kong que hu (lake). Finish: Da jin ta

When? First rider starts at 11:30, followed by the rest in 30 second intervals.

How? Each rider’s mandatory starting time will be communicated in the week before the event. No changes possible on race day.

Red flag:

1) No TT bikes or triathlon handlebars allowed.

2) Each rider must check-in 20 minutes before scheduled starting time, or will be classified as DNS, which also means a 2 hour time penalty for General Classification.

3) No-drafting rule is in effect. That means you are not permitted to ride in someone else's slipstream. If you do so, you will receive a time penalty.

Bottom line: Fast and twisty at first, then 1.3 km uphill to a nirvana finish

Hot seat: during the day, the fastest man and woman will be invited to sit in the Hot Seat next to the finish. The eventual winners of the TT will be celebrated on-site and be given the first yellow jersey of this year's Granfondo Yunnan.

Afterwards: it is recommended to spend some time at the finish area and visit the pagoda. Take some cash with you as there is an entrance fee. You are allowed to ride back to your hotel by yourself. However, when descending the hill at all times follow the instructions of the marshals and do not obstruct the participants who are coming up the hill during their TT.


Mangshi - Ruili, Nov 4

Century ride through Dehong to the Myanmar border

* Short Distance: 43 km / Long Distance: 105 km

* Opening Ceremony at 8:30 a.m.

* Tip: if you like beer, do try the Myanmar Beer, which can be found in most convenience stores.

* There’s duty-free shopping options, bring passport

What- The first mass start stage serves as a good appetizer with a manageable course of just over 100 km.

Where - Start at Mangshi Square, finish in front of the Myanmar border gate

When- The start is at 9:00 a.m. The short distance starts at 9:15 a.m. .

How- The central square is easy to reach from all hotels in Mangshi. You need to check out from your hotel before and follow the instructions from our logistics team, as obviously we are riding to another city

Red flag:

1) Make sure your brakes work or you’ll ride straight into Myanmar.

2) Ruili has limited western food options. Prepare yourself in advance if needed.

Bottom line: Flat and some false flats charaterise the first kilometres as you warm up the legs. There’s a hillclimb after , but it’s the 6 km long climb after km 62 that will test your legs and stamina for the first time. The gradients are consistent and not so steep. The descent is nontechnical, yet control your speed and don’t take chances. This is China.