Granfondo Yunnan

Saturday, Apr 20th

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Hotel Package

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2017 Colorful Yunnan International Granfondo Cycling Festival is coming up soon. As a multi-day event, with five stages in five different cities, the accommodation and transportation of our Granfondo is a challenge in itself. In order to provide the participants a comfortable place to rest after intense competition and give you the possibility to enjoy the beauty and customs of Yunnan, Nordic Ways will provide hotel packages for those participants who join all 5 stages. That means,
The list of eligible hotels is below :

City Hotel Hotel Reception Phone Location
Mangshi Dean Hotel 0692-8828888 62 Kuoshi Road
Wener Hotel
16 Guanglaliang Street
Lihong Hotel 0692-2927999 18 Guanglaliang Street
Yuheng Hotel 0692-6657777 65 Menghuan Street
Liqi Hotel 0692-2293888 22 Aluwoluo Street
Hongfu Hotel 0692-8828899 22 KuoShi Street
Xingjian Hotel 0692-2286788 71 KuoShi Street
Mingshun Hotel 0692-2998288 82 KuoShi Street
Ruili Changyu Business Hotel 0692-5108888 59 Ruihong Street
Hanting Hotel(Ruihong Street Store) 0692-4121606 55 Ruihong Street(Opposite to Customs)
Hehe Jewelry Spa Hotel 0692-3023456 70 Ruihong Street
Yiyang Hotel 0692-3065266 79 Jiegang Street
Longrui Hotel 0692-4156798 78 Jiegang Street
New Century Hotel 0692-4146390 38 Maohan Street
Tenglong Hotel 0692-4108969 49 Maohan Street(Near Jewelry Street)
Tengchong Yudu Hotel 0875-5138666 No. 15 Binhe Community, Guanyintang Community
Wanjiadenghuo Hotel 0875-3035666 Cross of Huayan Street and Baoteng Street
Minhang Hotel 0875-5188881 No.1, Aviation Court Community, Rehai Community, Tengyue Town
Shunxing Business Hotel 0875-5193778 Wenxing Community Zhouguan Community No. 422
Dali Daguan Hotel 0872-3065686 150 meters north of Xingsheng Bridge
Rujia Hotel 0872-2351888 150 meters north of Xingsheng Bridge
Shangkeyou Hotel 0872-2365666 150 meters north of Xingsheng Bridge
Haida Hotel 0872-2281288 50 meters north of Xingsheng Bridge
Hengan Apartment Hotel 0872-2250427 50 meters north of Xingsheng Bridge
Culture Hotel 0872-2222888 No. 9 Yuhua Road, Xiaguan Town, Dali City
Taian Hotel 0872-2155199 Carlsbury Avenue, Dali
Yunshang Four Seasons Hotel 0872-2133888 42 Carlsbury Avenue, Dali
Honggu Holiday Hotel 0872-8818278 No. 115, Snowman Road, Xiaguan Town, Dali
Red Shell Sea View Hotel 0872-2271366 No. 439 Wanhua Road, Xiaguan Town, Dali City
Gemeng Hotel(Dali Erhai Olympic Center Store) 0872-2235288 North side of Wanhua Road, Xiaguan, Dali City(Opposite Forest Armed Police Detachment) diagonally opposite)
Yunnengchang Sea View Hotel 0872-2389777 Xiaguan Town, Xiaoguanyi Village
Lijiang Guanfang Hotel(Garden villa area) 0888-5188888 Shangri-La Avenue Extension, Shuhe Ancient Town
Adange Hotel 0888-3019988 1317 Shangri-La Avenue, near Changshui Road
Jinquan Hotel 0888-5152888 890 Shangri-La Avenue

1. OC will arrange hotel and room randomly for participants. Tips: When checking in at the border cities of Mangshi, Ruili and Tengchong, in addition to presenting your ID card, you will need to take a photo of your face at the hotel to complete the checking. Please wait in line during the checking, allocate time reasonably, and stagger the peak period.
2. Long-distance participants who register for all 5 stages will get hotel accommodations at 8 nights (checking at 2 Nov.) and Short-distance participants for 5 stages get 7 nights(checking at 3 Nov.), which is provided by OC. For participants with no time records at the first stage, OC will cancel the hotel accommodations provided in the follow-up stages (Except who informs us in advance).
3. The package is one-bed room(= twin rooms). If you have a roommate yourself, please send his/her name, gender and ID to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before Oct.10. If you do not send an email, OC will arrange a roommate according to the genders for you randomly.
4. Please check out before 14:00(including Lijiang stage) to catch the transportation bus. Or any cost caused will be at your own risk.
5. Please check in at the hotel front desk by yourself. Deposit is 100 per room-card and will be refunded when you check out.